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Women and Men's Korean Haircuts Los Angeles, CA

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Scissor Magic: Craft Your Perfect Look with Our Haircuts

At Theodora Hair Studio, our haircut services go beyond the ordinary. Our stylists wield their scissors with precision, creating tailored cuts that complement your unique features and lifestyle. From chic bobs to sophisticated layers, we specialize in bringing your vision to life.

Our haircut prices vary based on the stylist you choose. For more detailed haircut pricing information, we invite you to visit our pricing page.

Unless we ask you to come in with your hair washed for special circumstances, you do not have to come in with washed hair or prepare differently for your services.

Haircuts involve reshaping your hair, changing the length, or creating a new style. Trims, on the other hand, are simply to maintain the current length and get rid of split ends. Your stylist can guide you on which service is appropriate for your needs.

Absolutely! We encourage clients to bring in reference photos or describe the haircut they desire. It helps us understand your vision and ensures you leave with the haircut you're looking for.

Regular haircuts are essential for maintaining healthy and well-groomed hair. The frequency may vary based on your hair type and desired style. During your visit, our stylists can recommend a haircut schedule tailored to your needs.

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